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Kootenai County For Sale Statistics:
# Of Listings: 154 Avg Price Per Sq. Ft.: $151

Kootenai County For Lease Statistics:
# Of Listings: 204 Avg Price Per Sq Ft: $1.14

We understand that investing in commercial real estate can be a rigorous endeavor with lifelong financial impacts. We are here to work alongside you, helping to find tangible, securitized investment opportunities in the Coeur d' Alene commercial real estate market.


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We work alongside you to help you accomplish your commercial real estate goals, Whether they are finding the correct office space for your business, finding a piece of commercial land to build on, or to sell a building you own. commercial real estate is a specialized industry where every market & sub market possess different pros, cons and challenges.  we understand these nuances and will work with you to ensure we protect your financial interests.